∙ Visitors are asked to come no more than 15 minutes prior to their scheduled time and to leave  promptly when finished, following the State’s “Arrive, Play, Leave” guideline. 
∙ Maximum occupancy is 25 per rink. This includes all coaching staff and any other personnel. 
∙ Groups are asked to enter through the upper lobby and exit through the snack bar doors.
∙ Visitors will be health and temperature screened upon entry. 

∙ Facemasks must be worn at all times in the arena, including on the ice. 

∙ Visitors must come dressed to play. Changing in the arena is not permitted. Chairs will be spaced  along the rink perimeter for putting on skates. 

∙ No large equipment bags allowed in the rink – only small gym-type bags are permitted to carry  personal belongings, tape, etc. 

∙ One parent/guardian per skater 12U and under is permitted in the arena to tie their child’s  skates if necessary, but must leave the rink immediately. 

∙ No spectators are permitted. 

∙ Only socially distanced team based activities including individual skill-building exercises,  strength and conditioning sessions and no-contact drills are permitted on the ice. No  scrimmages, games or contact allowed. 

∙ Please adhere to 6’ social distancing at all times, including on the ice.  

∙ No spitting on ice or anywhere in the facility. 

∙ No sharing of water bottles. 

∙ No off-ice play or conditioning is permitted. 

∙ Restrooms are open to one person at a time.  

∙ Showers and Locker rooms will not be available to rink users. 

∙ Groups are asked to wipe down their own equipment. 

∙ Parents/guardians are to wait in their vehicles, and may not congregate outside the rink or in  the parking lot. 

∙ Private rental groups will be required to have their participants sign a waiver before visiting the  rink. Those groups will also be required to keep a roster of their participants for at least 30 days  in case contact tracing is required.  

∙ Private rental groups are required to have a safety manager. 

∙ Visitors must adhere to State guidelines regarding travel and quarantining  

∙ We will not be offering “drop in” programming – all participants will be required to register and  pay for programs in advance.  


∙ You may NOT enter if you have any respiratory illness symptoms or have been in contact with anyone with a positive COVID-19 test within the past 14 days (or 7 days then bring a negative test)
∙ Facial coverings MUST be worn at ALL times 
∙ 6 feet of social distancing must be adhered to at all times
∙ NO out of state skaters or anyone travelling from out of state within the past 14 days allowed into the rink at this time

∙ All skaters may only arrive 10 minutes before their ice time (so please come dressed) & MUST leave the rink 10 minutes after scheduled ice time

∙ We ask that rosters/contact tracing forms are completed before entering the rink as it expedites the check-in process

∙ Mandatory temperature checks before entering the rink

∙ Central lobby entryway will be where all skaters enter

∙ Rink 1 skaters will exit through Rink 1's old entryway

∙ Rink 2 skaters will exit through the new Rink 2 emergency doors or through the side door by the referees room

∙ Locker rooms & showers are NOT available - players must come dressed 

∙ Chairs/benches will be provided 6 ft apart to put skates on

∙ Only 1 person at a time is allowed in the designated bathroom

∙ No spectators allowed at this time - if a parent needs to help their child with gear/skates they may do so after a form and temperature check are completed but they must leave the rink immediately after 

∙ Skate sharpenings by appointment only

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