∙ Visitors are asked to come no more than 15 minutes prior to their scheduled time and to leave  promptly when finished, following the State’s “Arrive, Play, Leave” guideline. 
∙ Maximum occupancy is 25 per rink. This includes all coaching staff and any other personnel. 
∙ Groups are asked to enter through the upper lobby and exit through the snack bar doors.
∙ Visitors will be health and temperature screened upon entry. 

∙ Facemasks must be worn at all times in the arena, including on the ice. 

∙ Visitors must come dressed to play. Changing in the arena is not permitted. Chairs will be spaced  along the rink perimeter for putting on skates. 

∙ No large equipment bags allowed in the rink – only small gym-type bags are permitted to carry  personal belongings, tape, etc. 

∙ One parent/guardian per skater 12U and under is permitted in the arena to tie their child’s  skates if necessary, but must leave the rink immediately. 

∙ No spectators are permitted. 

∙ Only socially distanced team based activities including individual skill-building exercises,  strength and conditioning sessions and no-contact drills are permitted on the ice. No  scrimmages, games or contact allowed. 

∙ Please adhere to 6’ social distancing at all times, including on the ice.  

∙ No spitting on ice or anywhere in the facility. 

∙ No sharing of water bottles. 

∙ No off-ice play or conditioning is permitted. 

∙ Restrooms are open to one person at a time.  

∙ Showers and Locker rooms will not be available to rink users. 

∙ Groups are asked to wipe down their own equipment. 

∙ Parents/guardians are to wait in their vehicles, and may not congregate outside the rink or in  the parking lot. 

∙ Private rental groups will be required to have their participants sign a waiver before visiting the  rink. Those groups will also be required to keep a roster of their participants for at least 30 days  in case contact tracing is required.  

∙ Private rental groups are required to have a safety manager. 

∙ Visitors must adhere to State guidelines regarding travel and quarantining  

∙ We will not be offering “drop in” programming – all participants will be required to register and  pay for programs in advance.  


∙ You may NOT enter if you have any respiratory illness symptoms or have been in contact with anyone with a positive COVID-19 test within the past 14 days (or 7 days then bring a negative test)
∙ Facial coverings MUST be worn at ALL times 
∙ 6 feet of social distancing must be adhered to at all times
∙ NO out of state skaters or anyone travelling from out of state within the past 14 days allowed into the rink at this time

∙ All skaters may only arrive 10 minutes before their ice time (so please come dressed) & MUST leave the rink 10 minutes after scheduled ice time

∙ We ask that rosters/contact tracing forms are completed before entering the rink as it expedites the check-in process

∙ Mandatory temperature checks before entering the rink

∙ Central lobby entryway will be where all skaters enter

∙ Rink 1 skaters will exit through Rink 1's old entryway

∙ Rink 2 skaters will exit through the new Rink 2 emergency doors or through the side door by the referees room

∙ Locker rooms & showers are NOT available - players must come dressed 

∙ Chairs/benches will be provided 6 ft apart to put skates on

∙ Only 1 person at a time is allowed in the designated bathroom

∙ No spectators allowed at this time - if a parent needs to help their child with gear/skates they may do so after a form and temperature check are completed but they must leave the rink immediately after 

∙ Skate sharpenings by appointment only




∙ Every person entering the facility (coaches, parents, kids, etc.), must submit our waiver/contact tracing form - HAVE THIS FORM READY AT THE DOOR EVERY TIME YOU COME TO A SESSION - Form can be found here

∙ 35 max participants - includes coaches and skaters

∙ Masks are mandatory and must be worn properly covering both nose and mouth by everyone at all times while in the rink.  This includes while actively skating. Coaches, volunteers, and refs must wear masks at all times and coaches/refs may only use an electronic whistle. 

∙ Skaters are expected to enter the rink partially or fully dressed to help cut down on clutter and get on the ice in a timely manner.  All equipment or hockey bags must be stored out of the way (against the walls) to keep changing areas clear and as orderly as possible.   

∙ Groups must stay on their side of the facility, no crossing or moving the chains/barriers unless there is an emergency or you need to get a staff member's attention.  

∙ No locker rooms or showers are available

∙ 1 restroom stall per side will be available- capacity is 1 person at a time
∙No parents or spectators allow inside during sessions.  If your child needs assistance with skate tying, parents are allowed to come in briefly, but must leave once their child is dressed and must also have a consent form on the way in.
∙ Groups must wait outside for a staff member to open the doors - groups will be allowed to enter 10-15 minutes prior to scheduled start time.  Doors wil be locked after the start of the session, so please be on time!

∙Please stay socially distant while waiting to enter the rink - there is absolutely NO congregating outside of the facility - do not mingle.  This includes parents waiting for players in the parking lot. 

∙ Groups must exit the the facility 10-15 minutes after scheduled session end time.