Before coming to the rink, please review the rink protocols below as there are several requirements to be aware of before attending. 


Entering the Rink:  Everyone entering the rink will be stopped at the door and required to get their temperature checked.  This is a "no touch" system, where the thermometer is placed near your forehead for a few seconds.  Anyone with a temperature of 100.3 degrees or above will not be allowed to enter the rink.  Everyone entering will also be required to fill out/submit a contact tracing/health screening form before entering.  The form can be found in the attached and though forms can be filled out there, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you print and fill this out in advance to help expedite the screening process so everyone can get on the ice on time.  GET CONTACT TRACING FORM HERE


Timing & Equipment: Rink doors will not open until 10 minutes before our ice time.  Locker rooms will not be available and you will be required to wear a mask upon entry.  Players are strongly advised to come to the rink in their gear or to come early and get dressed in the parking lot.  Players will be directed to chairs placed 6 feet apart around the rink where they can put on equipment such as skates, helmets, etc. Hockey bags, shoes, etc. will be stored by each person's designated chair.  Some players choose to put skates on outside and come in with skate guards, which has helped expedite the check in process.  Goalies are able to get gear on in the rink, but it's recommended that they come wearing what they typically wear under their equipment.  Goalies will be given priority to get tested at the door as putting on their equipment is more time intensive.  G4H coaches will be near the check in station to help direct you.


On-the-Ice: Based on state requirements as of 9/8/2020, players, coaches, officials, etc. are all required to wear masks at all times when six feet of separation cannot be maintained, even on the ice.

Leaving the Ice: All participants will be required to leave the facility no more than 15 minutes after the ice time's end.  Those picking up players are recommended to arrive back at the rink one hour after the ice start time so players can easily find their rides. 


  • Masks must be worn at all times in the arena, including on the ice.

  • Visitors will be health and temperature screened in the upper front lobby where there will be a table with thermometer, wipes and a sign asking you screening questions.  

  • Players are not to bring large equipment bags into the rink – only small gym-type bags are permitted to carry personal belongings, tape, etc.  

  • Visitors should come dressed to play, locker room or other spaces will not be available for changing in/out of clothes. Chairs will be spaced along the rink perimeter for putting on skates.

  • Groups on the big ice should use the locker room restrooms, one person at a time (please use our new signs on the doors to indicate when restrooms are occupied). Groups on the studio ice should use the public restrooms (these are currently locked off to park users).

  • Showers will not be available to rink users.

  •  No spectators are permitted.

  • No off-ice play or conditioning is permitted.

  •  One parent/guardian per skater 12U and under is permitted in the arena to tie their child’s skates if necessary, but are to leave the rink immediately.

  • Please adhere to 6’ social distancing whenever possible.

  • Groups are asked to wipe down their own equipment. Our staff will be sure to disinfect commonly touched surfaces (door handles, restroom touchpoints, etc) regularly.

  • No spitting on ice or anywhere in the facility

  • No sharing of water bottles.

  • Groups are asked to enter through the upper lobby and exit through the snack bar doors, in order to avoid contact with the next group to use the ice.

  • Groups are asked to come no more than 15 minutes prior to their scheduled time and to leave promptly when finished, following the State’s “Arrive, Play, Leave” guideline. This will allow us to turn over the ice more quickly and accommodate more groups. • We will not be offering “drop in” programming – all participants will be required to register and pay for programs in advance.

  • Private rental groups will be required to have their participants sign an electronic waiver before visiting the rink. Those groups will also be required to keep a roster of their participants for at least 30 days in case contact tracing is required.

  • Private rental groups will be required to provide an exposure control plan (see attached template).

  • Maximum occupancy of the arena is 75 – we may need to limit group sizes to keep within that capacity.

  • Visitors must adhere to State guidelines regarding travel and quarantining – Leddy Arena is a public facility so let’s keep it safe and fun for all!

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