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G4H provides goaltender training for goalies of all ages and skill levels.  Primarily led by G4H Head Goalie Coach, Ashley Walentysessions focus on all aspects of goaltending from the basics in crease skating skills and positional play to rebound control and more.  Movements in each drill are broken down and players are given the how and why each movement is used in-game.  Fall and Winter goalie sessions are available through our Microskills Sessions, while goalies can get assistance in the spring and summer during our Comprehensive Skills Clinics. Private lessons also available.

 Goalies who plan to attend Comprehensive Skills Clinics are asked to notify us in advance of which sessions they will be attending so we can organize our sessions accordingly and make sure a goalie coach is available.  If you are interested in goaltender training, but are unsure where to start, please contact us at


"I like to get to know my goalies personally before I tailor a training regimen for them. I use
the first session to evaluate style of play, talk with them about who their favorite NHL
goalie is, and who they see themselves mimicking. I then use that information to create drills that help strengthen their skills within their specific style of play without retooling everything they know and have done throughout their careers. I pay close attention to each of my goalies to determine what areas each goalie specifically needs to work on, whether it be their positioning,
their skating or their ability to read plays.  We focus on honing the skills they already excel at
and teaching them additional skills that they need to get better each and every session."

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