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At Girls 4 Hockey, we believe that confidence is key and we help players build that confidence through positive reinforcement, female mentorship, and fun. Our unique learning environment empowers players to work hard, try new things, and push themselves to their full potential without fear of failure. We focus on strengths, recognize imperfections, and create purposeful practice plans, so players understand not only what they need to work on, but how.  Our coaches give individualized feedback and break down techniques so players have the tools they need to succeed.  Our organization believes strongly in providing the “why” behind each drill as players are more invested when they understand how skills apply in-game.  Above all else, our ultimate goal is to help players gain a confidence in themselves that translates to life outside the rink.

Additionally, though our programs are generally geared towards female players, we believe firmly that hockey is for everyone and support community activities that grow the game for all.


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