Intensive Skills Clinics are designed to serve established players and focus on a specific skill or position. Step by step instruction is given with skills broken down into smaller components to help players understand how they can improve and work on the skill moving forward.  Skills and concepts are also explained so that players understand where and how they are used in game-like settings. 

Sessions can run once a week for four weeks or for multiple days in a row depending on the program.  Age recommendations vary by program.  See below for upcoming offerings:


Intensive Skills Clinic Series 

To round out February Break, G4H will be offering several consecutive clinics from Sunday, February 27th - Tuesday, March 1st at Cairns Arena.  Each ice-time is an hour in length.  Players can register for clinics in their entirety or for individual sessions, though sessions will build on each other.  If registering full-time for multiple clinics a discount is offered. Recommended for ages 8 - 18 based on the skills covered.


All 3 Clinics - Full-Time: $220
2 Clinics - Full-Time: $170
1 Clinic - Full-Time: $95
Individual Sessions: $35/Session


Note: Though not geared towards goaltenders specifically, we could use goalies at Shooting & Goal Scoring and Offensive & Defensive Skills!  Please contact us if you are interested in getting in net for any of these sessions.  You will see plenty of shots and we will offer a significant discount!

Please see below for clinic offerings and schedules.

Power Skating &
Puck Skills

Sunday, Feb 27 - 8:40am
Monday, Feb 28 - 8:55am
Tuesday, March 1 - 9:40am

Players in this program will spend about 30 minutes each session enhancing their forward and backward edgework and increasing their stride power, speed, and agility.  The second 30 minutes of the program will be spent working on puck skills (puck carrying, protection, stick handling) that complement the skating skills worked on earlier in the session.

Shooting & Goal Scoring

Sunday, Feb 27 - 9:50am

Monday, Feb 28 - 10:05am
Tuesday, March 1 - 10:50am

Shooting & Goal Scoring participants will learn different forehand and backhand shot types (wrist, snap, slap, flip)..  Players will then practice taking these shot types in game-like situations such as point shots, rebounds, one-timers, and tips. This program will also cover goalie fakes and dekes.

Offensive & Defensive Skills


Sunday, Feb 27 - 11:00am

Monday, Feb 28 - 11:15am

Tuesday, March 1 - 12:50pm

Participants will spend the first 30-40 minutes of each session split into small groups based on position with a focus in position-specific footwork, puck skills, and game concepts.  Players will then come together and apply what they have learned in drills and small games focusing on the skills covered earlier in the session.