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Intensive Skills Clinics are designed to serve established players and focus on a specific skill or position. Step by step instruction is given with skills broken down into smaller components to help players understand how they can improve and work on the skill moving forward.  Skills and concepts are also explained so that players understand where and how they are used in game-like settings. 

Sessions can run once a week for four weeks, for multiple days in a row, or multiple hours in a row depending on the program.  Age recommendations vary by program.  See below for upcoming offerings:


Power Skating & Puck Skills Clinic

Monday, March 6, 2023
8:40am - 10:50am - Cairns Arena

Our upcoming Power Skating & Puck Skills Clinic will focus on stride technique and edgework that aids in puck protection, puck possession, and overall deception.  Hour 1 (8:40am - 9:40am) will focus on proper forward stride development, speed adjustment, proper utilization of edges, tight turns, and quick directional changes.  Hour 2 (9:50am - 10:50am), players will apply what they have learned in Hour 1, utilizing speed changes, edgework, etc. to possess the puck, protect the puck, and make moves around defenders. 

Recommended for experienced skaters ages 7 - 14*

*Players under 7 may be accepted on a case by case basis depending on skill level, attention level, and ability to execute the concepts covered in this clinic.  If you have a player under age 7 who is interested, please contact us. 


Cost $65 per player

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