G4H ROCKS 3 v 3

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Given the success of 2021's G4H Rocks Spring Series, we will be running this program again in 2022! The program will consist of 8 sessions once a week from April to May with 1 evaluative session, 6 skill/small game sessions, and 1 skills competition/championship session.  All sessions will take place at Cairns Arena in South Burlington.  Sessions will be held mostly on Sundays (this year times will vary) with 1-2 Saturdays based on ice availability.  We are still finalizing details and pricing and plan to open registration in early - mid February. More details coming soon!  For now, save the dates!

The G4H Rocks Spring Series program will be offered for birth years 2003 - 2015* with players separated into different ice times by age group.  This program is run by G4H, so you do NOT have to be a past or present Vermont Shamrocks player to participate!  However, this program may serve as a springboard to Shamrocks tryouts later this spring should current travel restrictions lift and Shamrocks offerings be able to proceed.

*Note: 2016's with 8U experience are encouraged to contact us if interested in registering.

How It Works

The G4H Rocks Spring Series will run for 8 weeks April - May.  Registrants will have one guaranteed ice-time per week at Cairns Arena in South Burlington.  Each session will consist of 30 - 35 minutes of small group, station-based skill work and 25 - 30 minutes of mini games (2 v 2, 3 v 3, etc), which will be played in a round-robin style format.  

Week 1 will serve as an evaluation tool for placing players on small teams of 5 - 6 skaters and 1 goalie. (Note: The 8U age bracket will not have goaltenders - if you are in this age group and wish to play goalie, please contact us).  Players will receive their team assignments and a jersey for their team when they arrive at the rink on Week 2.  Weeks 2 - 7, players will be grouped with their designated team for station-based work and will play two 12 minute mini games each week under the direction of their designated G4H coach for the day.  Standings will be kept for each team and posted on the G4H website weekly.  On Week 8, players will participate in a 45-minute "for fun" mini skills competition, then compete in a final 12-minute game with first and second place teams playing for the championship and third and fourth place team playing a consolation game.  

Goaltenders:  There will be a designated goalie coach on the ice each session and you will work on goalie specific skills & drills with our goalie coach for 15 minutes, then take shots in stations for the remaining portion of the skills session with feedback from our goalie coach before jumping in goal for your team during mini games.