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Reason #1: The Core 4 Skills
Girls 4 Hockey helps players improve the core 4 skills needed for on-ice success:

Skating: Edgework, Agility, Speed

Shooting: Type, Accuracy, Power

Stick Work: Possession, Moves, Control

Passing: Technique, Strength, Precision

Reason #2: The Core 4 Goals
The programming G4H plans and participates in always accomplishes one or more of the following goals:

1) Provide female players with a variety of supplemental skill development opportunities outside of their typical programs where they can receive high-level instruction from an all-female coaching staff.

2) Build the personal confidence players by helping them identify individual strengths and areas of focus, while creating a supportive environment and taking away fear of failure through positive reinforcement.

3) Recruit and train talented female players who are interested in gaining coaching experience in hopes that their time coaching for G4H will lead them to future coaching positions within their communities.

4) Support and create community-based initiatives that help grow the game for players of all genders, ages, races, etc. including programs that help retain current players, while engaging new ones. 

Reason #3: We're "for hockey"

   We are "for hockey" in that those involved with G4H have experienced the positives that the sport and it's surrounding community can bring into one's life.  We believe that hockey is for everyone and we are "for" any initiatives that can grow the game and make hockey more inclusive and accessible for all. The number was chosen because it was Head Coach Meghan Sweezey's college number and for reason #4 below...

Reason #4: In Memory of

 G4H also includes number 4 in honor and memory of head coach Meghan Sweezey’s high school teammate, who passed away just after the conclusion of Meghan’s last high school season.  She taught Meghan a great deal about the power of self-confidence, self-compassion, and self-understanding, which has helped Meghan succeed in her collegiate hockey career and beyond.  These lessons have become a large part of Meghan's coaching style and, in turn, an integral part of the Girls 4 Hockey philosophy.

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