Girls 4 Hockey helps players improve the 4 core skills needed for on-ice success:

Skating: Edgework, Agility, Speed

Shooting: Type, Accuracy, Power

Stick Work: Possession, Moves, Control

Passing: Technique, Strength, Precision

Small games are also incorporated to enhance hockey sense while allowing players to apply their skills in a competitive and game-like setting

In addition to signifying the 4 core hockey skills, G4H includes number 4 in honor and memory of head coach Meghan Sweezey’s high school teammate, who passed away just after the conclusion of Meghan’s last high school season.  She taught Meghan a great deal about the power of self-confidence, compassion, and self-understanding, which helped Meghan succeed in her collegiate hockey career and beyond.  These lessons have become a large part of Meghan's coaching style and, in turn, an integral part of the Girls 4 Hockey philosophy.

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