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Learn to Skate & Play is generally designed for participants of any gender who are ages 4 - 12* who are interested in playing hockey.  Participants in this program are generally true beginners with limited skating experience, who are hoping to learn the fundamentals of skating and try out their hockey skills.  Learn to Skate & Play may also be used as a supplement for those in House/Initiation youth programs who need a little extra help with their skating.  Participants are grouped by age and skill level.  

If the potential participant can already skate forward, backward, and stop with ease, they may be too advanced for this program and should contact us for best fit program recommendation.

Participants in Learn to Skate & Play will be taught by our experienced coaching staff and will focus primarily on skating with the latter portion of each session working on basic beginner stick skills. Registrants will be placed in small groups by age and skill level with 45-50 minutes of each session dedicated to structured practice and the remaining 10-15 minutes designed for supervised practice time, small group games, and free play.  

If your child is interested in learning to skate, but does not have an interest in trying hockey, you may wish to consider other programs designed to work on skating only.  While our focus at these sessions is skating development, a portion of the session will be spent introducing stick skills to those who have adequate balance and foundational skills.


*Note: Interested parties with potential participants younger than age 4 should contact us as we may accept a limited number of players under age 4 as space and coaches are available.   Those older than 12 should contact us for current offerings.


NEW! Summer 2024 Learn to Skate & Play Pop-Up Clinics

As the demand for a spring/summer Learn to Skate & Play has been high, we have decided to offer Learn to Skate & Play "Pop-Up" Clinics for the summer of 2024.  These clinics will be announced a few days in advance of session ice times and added when G4H has the ice and staff to host sessions. Learn to Skate & Play Pop-Up Clinics are hosted for beginner players of all genders ages 4 - 12.  Players outside of this age range may contact us for availability. 


Wednesday, May 15th - 5:00pm - Cairns Arena

Cost: $25 per player, per session

Additional dates/times will be announced as pop-up clinics are confirmed.

Please see below for Learn to Skate & Play equipment requirements.

For summer 2024, we are also offering a coed Learn to Skate & Play Summer Camp in collaboration with Light the Lamp Hockey School!  Check out this camp and others here.

A Few Notes Before Registering for G4H Learn to Skate & Play...

Equipment Requirements:
Though we typically require full equipment for our programs, learn to skate & play is an exception.  Full equipment is certainly preferred, but only the following is required:

Players should come to the rink with skates (hockey style skates preferred as "starts" are different in figure vs. hockey skates) and a hockey helmet (bike and ski are acceptable, but helmets with a cage preferred).  If you do not have access to skates, please contact us as we may be able to rent you skates from the rink. Players will also be required to wear gloves (hockey or ski gloves acceptable), knee pads (hockey or bike/skateboard are acceptable) and elbow pads (hockey or bike/skateboard are acceptable).  If you have a stick, please also plan to bring one.  We will have extras on hand if you do not have access. 

If you have questions about the equipment required or need help accessing equipment for this program, please contact us.  We are happy to assist.


Any questions or concerns can be directed to

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