Our March 2021 Learn to Skate & Play pilot was a resounding success!  Based on the feedback we have received about times of year/ice times that would work best, we have decided to make this program part of our regular schedule, but will not resume our next session until Fall 2021.  More information will be available as soon as the schedule is solidified.  Check back here for more details over the summer months or keep and eye out for an email!

Girls 4 Hockey is excited to announce it's first-ever Learn to Skate & Play program for young players ages 3 -7.  This program will be offered to players of all genders given the limited options for learn to skate and play over the past year as our mission is to grow the game for all! 

This program is for true beginners with limited skating experience, who are hoping to learn the fundamentals of skating and try out their hockey skills.  If your potential participant can already skate forward and backward, start, stop, and get up on their own, they should check out our Comprehensive Skills Clinics or seek other programming.

Participants in Learn to Skate & Play will be taught by our experienced all-female coaching staff and will focus primarily on skating basics with a portion of each session working on beginner stick skills. Players will be placed in small groups by age and skill level with 40-45 minutes of each session dedicated to structured practice and the remaining 15-20 minutes designed for supervised free practice time.  


A Few Notes Before Registering...

Equipment Requirements:
Though we typically require full equipment for our programs, learn to skate & play is an exception.  Full equipment is certainly preferred, but only the following is required:

Players should come to the rink with skates (figure or hockey are permissible) and a hockey helmet (bike and ski are acceptable, but helmets with a cage preferred). Players will also be required to wear gloves (hockey or ski gloves acceptable), knee pads (hockey or bike/skateboard are acceptable) and elbow pads (hockey or bike/skateboard are acceptable).  If you have a stick, please also plan to bring one.  We will have extras on hand if you do not have access. 

If you have questions about the equipment required or need help accessing equipment for this program, please contact us.  We are happy to assist.

COVID-19 Protocols

Unfortunately, current COVID-19 guidelines prohibit spectators at the facility.  Parents/guardians are allowed to come into the building to get players dressed, but will then be asked to leave by rink staff once players take the ice.  Given the circumstances, we will have plenty of extra coaches on hand to assist with equipment and to greet players at the door to ensure that they are comfortable.  In addition to the emergency contact numbers we will have on hand, we will also collect the phone numbers of all parents/guardians who drop players off each week should any issues arise.  Post-session, we will also walk all players out of the building and ensure that they get safely to their guardians. 

To read the rinks current rules in full, please click here.


We understand that this presents challenges, especially for first-time players and families, but anyone registering should know this information up front.  We apologize sincerely for the inconvenience and will let anyone registered know as soon as we do if the state guidelines change. 



Any questions on the above can be directed to info@girls4hockey.com.