Microskills Sessions are an opportunity for semi-private instruction on G4H ice time.  Players enjoy a maximum coach to player ratio of 1 to 3 with each practice designed to focus on the needs of each registered participant.  Many players come to Microskills to improve their shot, skating, stick handling, footwork, etc. 
Both skaters and goalies welcome!

These sessions are recommended for ages 8 and up as players must be able to work at times on their own (for example on shooting, while coaches speak with other players), though younger players may be allowed on a case by case basis.  Typically, players also have previous experience participating in G4H programs.  If they do not, we usually recommend beginning with a
private lesson to assess skill level and areas of need. Microskills Sessions are $50 per player cash or check to be paid before getting on the ice.

Players under 8 are welcome to contact us as we sometimes have semi-private groups we can pair you with.  Male players are also welcome to reach out for private/semi-private lesson options on these ice times. 

Registration & Schedule

If interested in Microskills, please fill out our Microskills Interest Form above and we will follow up to confirm the dates you are interested in attending. 


The following dates and times have been confirmed, but more dates will be added as soon as ice time is confirmed.   Check back for more dates and times:


Friday, June 17 - 6:30pm Cairns

Friday, June 24 - 5:10pm Cairns

Thursday, July 7 - 4:10pm Cairns

Monday, July 11 - 4:10pm Cairns

Wednesday, July 20 - 5:40pm Cairns

Monday, July 25 - 4:10pm Cairns

Wednesday, August 3 - 5:35pm Cairns

Monday, August 8 - 4:10pm Cairns

Monday, August 15 - 4:00pm Cairns

Wednesday, August 17 - 5:35pm Cairns

Thursday, August 25 - 4:30pm Cairns

Please note if interested in private lessons either individually or as a small group, we may be able to work with ice times outside of the above.  Please contact us for more information. Any questions can be directed to info@girls4hockey.com.