Announcing the GRLS Program 

Girls Remote Learning Support

Girls 4 Hockey is dedicated to supporting female players in their growth and development both on and off the ice.  Since the announcement of the new hybrid/remote learning model for the 2020-2021 academic year, G4H has been researching how we can best support players and their families during this challenging time.  It is with great excitement that we announce a new program - GRLS (Girls Remote Learning Support) - dedicated to helping G4H players both on the ice and in the virtual classroom. 

The GRLS program will provide daily structured learning support as players navigate their remote learning course load and will include a built in hour of ice time, where players will receive individualized, skills-based instruction. On-ice sessions will be coached by an all-female coaching staff who will also be providing remote learning support. The lead coaches for this program have experience working in a wide variety of educational settings from general education, to school counseling and alternative education, and are very excited to bring their expertise to G4H for this very unique opportunity. 

Our GRLS program will have a target age of 6 - 14, though we may consider players outside of this window on a case by case basis.  GRLS will start Monday, September 14th and will run daily from 8am-3pm Monday-Friday throughout the 2020-2021 academic year with learning space for this program provided at the Delta Hotel & Conference Center in South Burlington and on-ice practices taking place at Cairns Arena.  Transportation from the hotel to the rink and back will be provided by VT Ride Network.  Ice time Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday will be held from 11:30am-12:30pm with Wednesdays through the first week of October being held from 8:20am-9:20am (this should change to the mid-day time slot after Oct 3).  If players have conflicts with ice time and virtual class scheduling on the days they register for, players will attend their scheduled virtual class and players will do an off-ice hockey-related workout later in their day as their schedule allows. 

Registration & Cost

Based on the hybrid and remote school options currently available for students, G4H will be offering three enrollment options.  Families can choose to pay weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly and family discounts are available for those hoping to send more than one player.  Pricing is as follows**:

1 day/week - $85         2 days/week - $170         3 days/week - $225         5 days/week -  $360

To register or learn more, please email or call Meghan at or by calling 617-875-5243. 

Please note: Due to learning area requirements and rink regulations, space in this program is very limited. As such, players will be considered on a first-come, first-serve basis and email does NOT guarantee space in the program. G4H also reserves the right to cancel GRLS should state guidelines change and stay-at-home orders resume. Should this happen, G4H will issue a refund for any days paid for in advance.  Players and families also will have the flexibility to change their enrollment should their personal circumstances change throughout the year.


Players may register anytime during the academic year as space is available! 

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