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PRACTICE & TRYOUT FACILITATION: Girls 4 Hockey can be hired to facilitate and design practices for your team or organization.  These sessions can be full-ice, half-ice, or station-based and can be designed to fit your teams needs.  Many teams have hired G4H specifically to run team tryouts or fast-paced team-oriented practices for tournament teams prior to competition.

TEAM BUILDING:  Are you hoping to set team goals, rules, and expectations to get everyone going in the same direction?  Does your team need to get to know each other better?  If so, G4H staff can design and help facilitate team building sessions to meet your teams needs.

TEAM TALK:  Are your players wondering what it's like to play at the next level?  Do they have questions about what it means to play in high school or college?  G4H can gather and experienced panel of current and former players to share their stories and discuss another topic of your choice.

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT:  Girls 4 Hockey representatives can facilitate leadership trainings for your team.  Sessions can include individual leadership style assessment, personal goal setting, and more.

For more information on the offerings above, please contact us.

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