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G4H Open Ice

With stick and puck largely unavailable due to the pandemic, G4H has decided to offer ice times that are open for G4H participants and their families looking for some unstructured ice time to practice and play.  G4H Open Ice is set up like stick & puck sessions, as participants can use the ice as non-structured practice time or to play self-organized small games. 

Unlike stick and puck, G4H will be using at least one end of the ice surface for Microskills Sessions and Private lessons, so Open Ice will be limited to one or two zones depending on turnout.  G4H will provide pucks, cones, stick handling obstacles etc.  (Note: Crates are not guaranteed to be available due to current restrictions).  

Advanced registration required NO WALK ONS!

Schedule, Cost & Registration

Upcoming dates/times are as follows.  Cost per session is $12 per person.  Children 4 and under are free, but must still be registered.  Payment can be made at your session cash or check only. Those without payment will not be allowed to enter.  

Upcoming Schedule: 

Friday, June 11 - 6:35pm
Tuesday, June 15 - 4:25pm
Thursday, June 24 - 4:25pm
Wednesday, July 7 - 8:30am
Thursday, July 15 - 3:35pm
Wednesday, July 21 - 12:00pm **Note this session is only 50 minutes - $45 only**

Thursday, August 12 - 6:40pm
Wednesday, August 18 - 4:05pm
Tuesday, August 24 - 6:35pm



  • Participants MUST register online in advance as waiver signatures and contact tracing information is required.  Those not registered in advance will not be allowed to participate.  

  • Participants outside of G4H staff MUST wear a helmet and skates - no exceptions.  Gloves, elbow pads, and shin guards are strongly encouraged - full equipment preferred

  • Players under 9 years old MUST be accompanied by a responsible ON-ICE support person preferably age 12+.  This means someone who can skate, is wearing skates and is on the ice with the participant.  

  • Participants of any gender welcome! They just must be accompanied by a G4H player unless otherwise discussed with G4H.

  • Registrants will receive a reminder email the evening prior with current COVID-19 related protocols and procedures.  

  • Doors to the rink are locked promptly at the start of the session, please be on time, or you may risk being unable to get into the building.

  • G4H reserves the right to ask any participants who are not complying with rink or G4H safety expectations or protocols to leave and suspend future participation.

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